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Beauty & Twine uses an age-positive, holistic approach to skincare for women and men looking for long-term solutions that reignite confidence in their own skin.

San Antonio Esthetician Supporting Women and Men on Their Self Care Journey

Unlike many spas that rely on quick fixes and membership fees, I approach skincare from a person-first, holistic point of view. That means making your skin health a priority and working with you to achieve your unique goals.

As a certified esthetician, I’m committed to discovering the best sustainable, long-term skincare solution that will help you radiate not just on the surface, but from the inside out.

A whole body approach to skincare


Client Love

“Beauty and Twine is the place to go for your skincare needs in San Antonio.”

It's a beautiful place and peaceful. Ivelisse will provide great quality service. She's highly skilled, licensed, and really sweet. I loved it! She will work with you and give you the best advice for beautiful skin. I loved my hour facial which also included a massage in my shoulders, head, etc. I'm ready for my next appointment.

- Annie

“This was my first facial and it definitely will not be my last.”

I had the best experience! First, I felt so calm and relaxed, and as a mama of 3 that is a must-have! The rejuvenating facial felt amazing and my skin feels silky smooth and so soft. The eye treatment gave me the bit of brightness and depuffing that I was looking for! I couldn’t be more grateful for such a healthy and relaxing experience.

- theresa

About Ivelisse Silvas

Founder of Beauty       Twine 

Welcome to Beauty & Twine! I’m Ivelisse Silvas, founder and San Antonio licensed esthetician specializing in holistic skincare.

I do skincare a bit different than what you'd expect of traditional estheticians.

Going against the grain of social trends that push for ‘perfection’, I empower my clients to embrace their natural beauty and provide proven solutions to bring out the best in their natural skin complexion.

Certified Esthetician

Holistic Skincare Trailblazer




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Age positive beauty routines for the long haul

The secret to beautiful skin isn’t some overnight magical face mask or trendy serum.

It’s consistently engaging in life-long wellness rituals that promote physical, mental, and emotional health.

Unlike more mainstream skincare practices, I don’t focus on ‘miracle’ skincare products because they either don’t exist, produce minimal results, or are full of harsh ingredients.

I create lasting relationships to unearth sustainable practices custom-tailored to my clients' needs. More than that, I empower my clients to embrace their natural beauty as they enter new stages of life. The result? Long-term solutions that create health inside and out!

High-quality ingredients

Progress over perfection mindset

Relationship-driven experiences

Age-positive attitude

Product integrity

Why Our Clients Trust Us



Facial Enhancements

Skin Therapy

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At Beauty      Twine, we prioritize…

Regular, thorough skin analyses to help guide the process

Professional-grade products free of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh ingredients

Ethically-sourced, botanical-based ingredients

Personalized skincare plans and treatments customized to your unique skin

A realistic routine that works for you and your lifestyle



a skincare experience as unique as you

The Beauty      Twine Experience


Skincare Consultation

Comprehensive Skin Analysis

Holistic Facial

Personalized Skin Care Regimen

Long Term Care

During your Skincare Consultation, we’ll discuss your skin health goals, talk a bit about your history, and consider what’s working and not working with your current home care regimen. 

Skincare Consultation



Comprehensive Skin Analysis

Right after your Skincare Consult, I’ll perform a thorough skin analysis so I can design your custom skincare protocol.



Now that we have all the information we need, your facial is next! A sensory experience, your holistic facial is custom-designed to help you unwind and relax while we take you through our traditional 5-step facial routine.

Using the information we’ve gathered, I’ll present your personalized at-home skincare regimen along with professional products that will compliment your lifestyle and support your skin between sessions.

Personalized Skin Care Regimen


My evidence-based approach includes developing sustainable practices that support your overall skin health and help you embrace your natural beauty!

Long Term


Beauty      Twine Shop


Using botanical-based and ethically sourced ingredients, you’ll find only the highest-quality products in the Beauty & Twine Shop. Welcome to a new world of skincare products, ones formulated to bring out the best in your natural beauty.


Beauty & Twine gift cards are also available! Show your loved ones how much you care by encouraging them to take some time for themselves at our Rogers Premier Salon Suites spa.