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Going against the grain of social trends that push for perfection, invasive treatments, injections, or surgeries that can be expensive and discouraging — I’m here to help you feel empowered by your own natural beauty.

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Why ‘age positive’?

Visible signs of aging can be discouraging, and while you're probably here because you're hoping to reverse time, I want to challenge you to embrace exactly how you show up in the world today.

In a youth focused world, we ve forgotten the beauty of aging: fully becoming who we were always meant to be.

As an age-positive licensed esthetician who has worked with dozens of individuals on a quest to rediscover their self-confidence, I can tell you there are no miracle creams or trendy serums that can truly stop time.

The most effective way to care for your skin is to take care of your whole self, from the inside out!

My approach to skincare is guided by evidence-based, holistic strategies meant to achieve and maintain the best of your natural skin complexion. And the best part? My clients often discover a newfound love for their skin along the way — boosting their confidence and embracing their beauty today.

Now that is something that's truly ageless.


Welcome to Beauty & Twine! I’m Ivelisse Silvas, founder and licensed esthetician specializing in holistic skincare.

As I've grown as an esthetician and a human, I've become more mindful about how intertwined the mind and body are, and how their interaction can influence the outward expression of your skin — especially on the face.

That's why I focus on more than offering proven solutions that will help you achieve your skincare goals. Powered by a relationship-driven experience, we'll work together to create a skincare regimen that complements your lifestyle, helps you radiate from the inside out, and is overall positive in nature.



San Antonio Licensed Esthetician

is this the start of a beautiful friendship?

“Ivelisse is an ANGEL gracing my skin”

While I was in San Antonio, I really needed to get a deep clean, and rejuvenating touch-up to my face. I found Beauty & Twine online, and I must say that I am REALLY impressed with Ivelisse's care and undivided attention that she had to me and my skincare needs.

I believe Ivelisse is passionate about her work as it shows in the quality of her energy, performance, and her client's results. As much as I would like to keep Ivelisse a secret because I always want an appointment available for me now, I can't go without remarking on someone else's performance, especially when customer service can be very disconnected these days. Thank you, Ivelisse!

- Sheila

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I don't use the term anti-aging because it suggests that aging is negative when it's an inevitable and beautiful part of life. Instead of discouraging my clients with anti-aging practices (aka empty promises), I help build their confidence as they enter new stages of life.

When you work with me, I'm committed to helping you embrace who you are today, so you radiate not just on the surface, but from the inside out.

Positive Perspective

Data reveals miracle products and overnight transformations don't exist, and sustainable lifestyle changes are the key to health and longevity. This is why I take my time to understand the root of my clients' skincare needs to create a treatment plan that provides a long-term solution.

I also reject beauty standards that say faces should be flawless, poreless, and winkle-less. Instead, I embrace long-term care that celebrates every individual's natural beauty.

Progress Over Perfection Mindset

I'm dedicated to holistic care, which means using products that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and free from harsh ingredients. 

It also means recognizing that skin health starts from the inside out, so we'll perform a thorough skin analysis to determine the best products that will make a positive difference in your skin health.

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Committed to helping you achieve your skin health goals through…